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Give Up Robot 2

Give Up Robot 2 is a game where you control a robot, which was invented only to become an endless experimental machine that solves infinite spatial puzzles, passing room with riddles. You will find many different levels, the main purpose of which is to overcome all obstacles and get to the end. To earn extra points you can collect gold stars. In the second part of the game we do not know the plot, but the developers have added some new game chips. One of them is “HARD Game” – the mode in which the game takes place in space. In the beginning of this mode, you cannot move, but all the objects will move themselves. The game creators have slightly changed look of the robot, and the game in general. Robot 2 is one of the best flash games in the platformer genre. It has more than 60 major and 12 additional levels with excellent graphics, sounds and effects. Give Up Robot 2 is of interest to all lovers treasure searching and conquering the towering peaks! To pass some obstacles you will need a hook, with which you can hang on the wall and jump over the pit. Control is conducted by use of the cursor keys and hot keys «X, S, Z, A». Complete the game to the end and you will know what awaits you at the end of the tunnel. Help the robot to reach the finish line!

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