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Give Up Robot

Give Up Robot is a game about a robot who never gives up. This wonderful game will be favored by everyone who loves complexity and is an easy way to solve them. You will need to walk through corridors in search of gold and exit. You will get access to many features, including the ability to quickly overcome obstacles and climb the most difficult hill. Complete all the levels of this exciting game! The path to freedom lies through 50 levels of puzzles of medium difficulty, and 11 challenging levels. Robotics has developed that much ahead that robots are now able not only to think but to climb over the cliffs. The trial of one of these robots will be you responsibility. The robot has no arms or legs, but can throw a rope, on which he swings and jumps. The idea of the game lies in the adventures of a little robot that needs to get away from one side wall of the screen to the other. To do this, the player will have to jump over obstacles and use a harpoon with a rope to swing and fly over dangerous precipices. The farther robot goes through the levels, the better the result. This crazy game includes jumps, grabs and picking up different parts. You will have to overcome the moving tape converters, electrified blocks, lasers, cannons, bosses, and more! 61 memorable levels are waiting for you, each of which has its own features and adds new elements to the game. Your robot has a special element called winch, with which you can cling to ceilings and other surfaces that are above you. Game Give Up Robot 2 will be interesting to all lovers to train their forces in search of treasure and conquering the peaks! So briefly, in this game you play for a robot who needs to roam the dark corridors and collect gold. Control is conducted with the help of keyboard keys «X, S» to make the leap and «Z, A» to use the hook. Complete the game to the end and you will know what awaits you at the end of the tunnel! Game control is classical, using AWDS together with the use of a keyboard and mouse. Learn to jump, fight, and lead your way through the “impossible.”

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